RRS Live - 2021

This schedule is for the fall 2021 RRS Live event. The presentations will begin in the afternoon of Wednesday, December 1st and will conclude on Friday, December 3rd.

Wednesday, December 1st

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2:30Joshua WongDesign and Fabrication of a Sphericon Tensegrity RobotDr. Vishesh Vikas
2:45Christian DarrAtomically Ordered Complex Materials via Control of Entropic MixingProfessor Adam Hauser
2:45Sahuj MehtaAtomically Ordered Complex Materials via Control of Entropic MixingProfessor Adam Hauser
3:00Natalie CrisciImplementing HB 463 Joint Road Improvement Authorities: Lessons Learned from the TCRICMr. Steven Polunsky
3:30Audrey KimImplementation of Facial Recognition on Websites Linked to Sex TraffickingDr. Gregory Bott
3:45Savannah WalkerEvaluating the Chemical Heterogeneities of Amyloid Aggregates in Alzheimer's DiseaseDr. Ayanjeet Ghosh
4:00Brendan GrangerIt's Different This Time: First Response Strategies to Cyber AttacksDr. Jef Naidoo
4:15Megan ButterworthThe Hale County Health Initiative: Baseline Health Assessment of Students in Hale CountyDr. Paige Johnson
5:15Daphne RiveraA Systematic Review of Reading Interventions for Autistic ChildrenDr. Rajesh Kana
5:30Catherine StodolaThe Role of Syntax in Reading Comprehension in Down SyndromeDr. Frances Conners
5:45Claire BrewerEpidemiology of Eosinophilic Esophagitis in the Alabama Medicaid PopulationDr. Ransome Eke
6:00Brooke BaileyProperties of Simulated Stellar Halos of GalaxiesDr. Jeremy Bailin
6:15David StricklandSex Differences, Hormones, and Behavior in a Sexually Dimorphic FishDr. Ryan Earley
7:15Michael GuthrieAlabama Memory Project: Elmore CountyDr. John Giggie
7:30Lewis Fischer, Abilene MorthlandPrurient ZoningDr. John Felipe Acevedo
7:45Garrett DavisDouble-Headed Curcumin NanosystemsProfessor Ravi Kumar
8:00Lindsey HiattSynthesis and Evaluation of air-stable bulky trialkyl phosphine precatalystsDr. Kevin Shaughnessy
8:15Joshua KelleyOptimization of biopolymer-based lutein emulsions using response surface methodologyDr. Lingyan Kong
8:30Adam LaLanceDeveloping Pullulan Nanofibers for Encapsulating and Releasing Bioactive CompoundsDr. Lingyan Kong
8:45Sean Shelley-TremblayEvaluating the Treadwheel and Power Tower for Drosophila ExerciseDr. Laura Reed

Thursday, December 2nd

2:30Victor MullinsTrials on Trial: An Economic StudyDr. Paan Jindapon
2:45Amy CoxVariations Across the SouthDr. Paul Reed
3:00Anderson Liddle, Nicholas MuscolinoPersonal Space Weather Station Software DevelopmentDr. Travis Atkison
3:15Mary StahlmanThe Influence of Interpersonal Complementarity on Physiological Arousal During a Controlled Interaction TaskDr. Jenny Cundiff
3:30Abbie GiuntaGenome Annotation and Genome EvolutionDr. Laura Reed
3:30John YordyGenome Annotation and Genome EvolutionDr. Laura Reed
3:45Sarah ScottParking Lot Utilization Using Commodity Hardware and SoftwareDr. Travis Atkison
4:00Allain RapadasSynthetic Images of Simulated GalaxiesDr. Jeremy Bailin
4:45Grace BollingerThe Effect of Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries on BehaviorDr. Ryan Earley
5:00Gideon LombardoEnabling the Autonomous Flight of Crazyflie 2.1 QuadcoptersDr. Christian Cousin
5:15Nathan HumphreyKinetic simulation of splitting laser-induced plumes using the direct simulation Monte Carlo methodDr. Alexey Volkov
5:30Cody RiveraOptimizing Huffman Decoding for Error-Bounded Lossy Compression on GPUsDr. Dingwen Tao
5:45Avaleen SweeneyThe Minds and Mentors Paraprofessional Training ProgramDr. Mercy Mumba
6:00Steven GlidewellGhosting Friends: Understanding Friendship EndingsDr. Leah LeFebvre
6:15Grace DeanGhosting Friends: Understanding Friendship EndingsDr. Leah LeFebvre
6:30Timothy AlexanderPerceptions of Opponent’s IQ and Rational PlayDr. Tigran Melkonyan
7:00Hayden HilkemeyerEconomic Impacts of Tree OrdinancesDr. Alecia Cassidy
7:15Molly HartThe Dark Side of Emotion in Sports: Schadenfreude and GluckschmerzDr. Jihoon Kim
7:30Adrienne RobinsonThe Impact of Coivd-19 Restricions on the Sex Trafficking IndustryDr. Burcu Keskin
7:45William HurstThe Jacobian Conjecture: The Generic, 2-Dimensional CaseDr. Kyungyong Lee

Friday, December 3rd

2:30Olivia RiccheThe University of Alabama Football Athlete Management SystemMr. Clayton Keith
2:45Nate BurnsImpatience in Multilateral BargainingDr. Cary Deck
3:00Ian BrownCharacterizing the Behavior of the Twister Sister Ribozyme for the Development of Synthetic RiboswitchesDr. Ryan Summers
3:30Sara SandersChange Detection and Marine Management in South Water Caye Marine Reserve, BelizeDr. Michael Steinberg
3:45Brett BonikowskiOver-The-Counter Stocks: What's Behind the Counter? Zeke Ashton
4:00Timothy SullivanMachine Learning-Assisted Design of Dual-Phase High Entropy AlloysDr. Lin Li
4:15Kyle ScottScreen-Printing of 2D semiconductor for Flexible ElectronicsDr. Mark Cheng
5:00Kittson HamillExplainable Artificial Intelligence for Decoding and Modulating NeuroplasticityDr. Jiaqi Gong
5:15Brodie FrewAnalyzing the Effects of Climate Change on the Composition of Amphibian MicrobiomesDr. Gui Becker
5:30Samuel PerryDeep Reinforcement Learning for Connected Vehicles on Signaled RoadsDr. Xiaoyan Hong
5:45Allen HaleyExperimentally Testing and Modeling of Li-ion Battery Cell OperationDr. Mithat Kisacikoglu
6:00Wesley CampbellAerial Intelligence for Building Inspection ModelingDr. Kaiwen Chen
6:15William HerefordDevelopment and Analysis of a Pediatric Brain and Spine Tumor DatabaseDr. James Johnston